Doing a thing

Revamping the site over the next few weeks. I'm going to try to get consistent with posting now that I'm doing writing and teaching full-time now. I'll have more details on the new stuff to expect soon.


Tech Oops

Thanks to my technology goof, the month-long release of It Began With Chess is going to restart on Oct 4th. So sorry for the delay. Things will be up and running promptly. Since I'm arguing with technology a lot lately, here's the wonder Eddie Izzard's stand-up on the topic (which is oh so true).

Freebie Time

To celebrate two years of S. Holmes, the prequel It Began With Chess is free for the month of September. So enjoy 59 pages of pure fun. I’ll be writing up a storm with extra short stories and updates so stay tuned to for updates and goodies. All month I'll have new side story shorts,... Continue Reading →

Update from Grad School Land

Greetings and Salutations Readers, Popping in to post an update since I've been discreetly rearranging the site while listening to a lecture. Starting in April I'll be reviving my writing tips series. If grad work allows it will be updated biweekly. Future short writing lessons I'll transition into videos and podcasts whenever possible. Perhaps I'll... Continue Reading →

The Spooky Davenport – Halloween Read 2015

The Davenport Hotel is a proud landmark of Spokane, WA. Yet, not many know that this one hundred year old building is home of a couple of ghosts. Happy Halloween, dear mortals. Sources

I’m back~

Greetings readers, After getting over the post-graduation slump of, "what on earth am I doing now" fears, I'm officially back to revive this neglected site. So, without any more procrastination, here's the season goodies. There are two (yes two) books available on Amazon and a third is coming out later this month. How I managed... Continue Reading →

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