Tech Oops

27 Sep

Thanks to my technology goof, the month-long release of It Began With Chess is going to restart on Oct 4th. So sorry for the delay. Things will be up and running promptly.

Since I’m arguing with technology a lot lately, here’s the wonder Eddie Izzard’s stand-up on the topic (which is oh so true).


Freebie Time

1 Sep

kdp it began with chess

To celebrate two years of S. Holmes, the prequel It Began With Chess is free for the month of September. So enjoy 59 pages of pure fun.

I’ll be writing up a storm with extra short stories and updates so stay tuned to for updates and goodies. All month I’ll have new side story shorts, previews for future stories, deleted scenes, and pure comic fun.

Sorry for the short hi and bye but it’s back to writing and grad school.

Happy reading,


Update from Grad School Land

2 Mar

Greetings and Salutations Readers,

Popping in to post an update since I’ve been discreetly rearranging the site while listening to a lecture.

Starting in April I’ll be reviving my writing tips series. If grad work allows it will be updated biweekly. Future short writing lessons I’ll transition into videos and podcasts whenever possible. Perhaps I’ll do a chat in the future for live Q&A if my homework doesn’t have me running around frantic.

As a few know from keeping up with my social media feeds, I had to evacuate this past summer due to a fire. House was safe but putting everything back where it goes has taken this long to acomplish. This means that I’ve had in-the-works editing found recently when I got to putting away the contents of that last suitcase. So the editing goes like thus:

S. Holmes Scarlet (book 1) is on the last edit. Which means that (I hope) by the end of the month I’ll go shopping for the book cover image. No release date, but expect a solid date by May/June.

Markings pt2 is under revision.

Last Chance (Mythology Sequels book 1) is undergoing it’s final revision. Release date is TBA.

And remember that I do continue to do blog-a-books over on my DeviantART page. Grad school sometimes kills two birds with one stone when it comes to creative projects so keep an eye on the social media haunts for updates and previews.

Happy Reading,


The Spooky Davenport – Halloween Read 2015

27 Oct

The Davenport Hotel is a proud landmark of Spokane, WA. Yet, not many know that this one hundred year old building is home of a couple of ghosts.
Happy Halloween, dear mortals.


Markings pt 1

6 Oct


Summary: Twenty years ago a witch gave a queen a warning, the warning was not heeded and thus the witch cursed the queen’s unborn child. The child’s destiny mark said that he would be a great wizard but the prince was whisked away from public eyes before people could see what the curse had done to his tiny body. At the same time, a seer saw the prince’s redemption in the form of a woman with the destiny mark of a black rose.

When Imogene is allowed to travel on her father’s merchant ship, she is beyond elated. In her home country magic is a rarity. With a birthmark that her people believes will make her a great sorceress, Imogene is delighted to stock up on magic books and items of the helpful variety when the ship arrives at it’s first destination.

But what was supposed to be an enjoyable trip turns sour. Imogene is apprehended when knights see her marking, her father explains away that his daughter is young and is not a dark sorceress. The queen ignores the pleas and arranges the girl’s marriage to her son: the mysterious prince of the mountain. There, Imogene discovers the destiny that the gods had woven for her is in the arms of a beast.

On Kindle Now

It Began With Chess (S. Holmes Prequel #1)

6 Oct

kdp it began with chess

Summary: Behind every man is the story of who and what made him.

Before there was the great villain Moriarty there was James, a genius who preferred books and studies over his inheritance as the grandson of a mob boss. A geek in every right with talents that would make every general and government official mourn the fact that he is not on their side. That is until he befriends an undercover agent, Ms. Sherlock Holmes.

After slipping into MI6 with the permission of her grandfather and on the order of several government officials who saw her talents first hand during a bomb threat, Sherlock finds herself tracking and watching soon-to-be terrorists. One problem, her targets are members of the biggest and most ominous mafia known to Eastern Europe led by a man known as Mikael. By luck she ends up sitting next to James on the plane to Prague and makes arrangements to be his neighbor; all with the hopes that he would let her in to a world of violence all in the name of making him be a hero once.

Release Date 10/9
Preorder on Kindle

Series Note: This is part of the series S. Holmes. You don’t need to read all of the prequels before reading Scarlet (S. Holmes #1). There is foreshadowing for the future stories. If you wish to not read these until Moriarty’s official (physical) entrance in story #4 that is fine. Though, we all like to peek ahead sometimes.

I’m back~

5 Oct

Greetings readers,

After getting over the post-graduation slump of, “what on earth am I doing now” fears, I’m officially back to revive this neglected site. So, without any more procrastination, here’s the season goodies.

There are two (yes two) books available on Amazon and a third is coming out later this month. How I managed to succeed at getting three books done while dealing with fire season near my back yard I will never know. (I did an article about the terror of my late summer over at Certainly Her.)

Now then, here are the cuppas and the biscuits will be here shortly.

Teaching Links

9 Jul

Hi everyone apologies for the hiatus.

I’ve been doing a weekly writing tips series over on my impersonal blog in between my responsibilities at my internship. On top of that I have two podcasts on writing that’s a part of this series. Since I can’t duplicate the info on here, here’s the master list of the tips and tricks thus far.

The Podcasts

#1 What is the Most Important Thing for a Writer to Know (How to Have a Good Foundation)

#2 Blurbs: What are They and Why You Should Write Them


#1 Fantasy Recommendations. Here are the top fantasy writing books that Ann has used and considers a lifeline.

#2 The #1 Fantasy Tip. You, yes you, here’s the template for your author’s notes.

#3 Fantasy Exercises. You can read “how to write – blank –” books until the end of the world and still feel self-conscious and unprepared to start your page one. So let’s remedy that with a few exercises.

#4 Writing Details, Ann’s Writing Foundations pt 1. Full lesson title: How I learned to write details and tips for being the master of writing your own.

Happy reading,


Masterlist Post

8 Jul

Okay time to regain consistency. Here’s the master list of all the blog-a-book chapters that got missed.

S. Holmes Home page (Genderbender Sherlock Holmes Adaptation)

Summary: The recession has not been kind to Dr. John Watson. He still has his family practice that he runs with old friends from uni, but he is barely able to stay afloat financially. One day he’s contacted by a government official with an offer: if he becomes an at home doctor for the man’s sister, his salary will be tripled and his rent is free. Desperate to stop living out of his car and office at the clinic, John accepts the job and goes to 221B Baker Street.

Unfortunately, no one told Ms. Holmes that she needed a babysitter and no one told John he’d be the private doctor to the famous semi-retired detective who has disappeared from the public eye. When John sees the detective in a wheelchair and covered in burns, he sees the reason why.

S. Holmes #2 Sign of Five: Teaser, C1, C2

S. Holmes Side story 2.5: What is Moriarty Up To?

On Your Own Accord Home Page

Summary: Hi, I’m Bridget Craig, college student, “heiress”, and the housemate of a two hundred year old vampire who is prone to boredom and violent acts against my dates. Did I mention I’m said vampire’s landlady too? Yeah, this is my crazy life that’s divided between making the grade and guarding my neck from Nicolas Muncel. The sexy vampire entrepreneur who I swear will be the cause of grey hairs. Provided he doesn’t turn me first.
C1, C2, C3, C4

S. Holmes Update

28 Jan

Link to Chapter 6

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